Best Anti-Aging Secret!

7 Mar
Retinol products like Retin A, Retinol Palmitate, and Retinal are antioxidants made from vitamin A.  Topical forms made from Vitamin A are considered to be one of the best anti aging products and effective wrinkle fighters.  They help fight free radicals which cause wrinkles.  They also help with collagen and cell growth which can help with your skin elasticity.  Retin A is a little more extreme and has more side effects your skin can become red and irritated and your skin peels.  You also need to  watch sun exposure after using it because you can have sensitivity to light.
There are a lot of Products that have retinol in them quality and price Vary a lot.  You can get them over the counter and prescription.  I personally don’t think I want to deal with the the problems of peeling skin I would rather use more products or make sure I do it more often than have to deal with peeling skin.  Anyway just my thoughts on the issue.  Get on some 🙂

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