Give yourself “Slack”!

20 Mar

Ok so I have been seeing alot of these exposed pictures around the weightloss blogging area.  Where women are taking photos with bare skin showing and have words of what that body part represents, and how it has helped them get through.  Ronni’s was the first one I saw click HERE  she saw it from somewhere else.  Then I saw Skinnie Emmie  Click Here  Ronni has hit her goals skinnie emmie is still on the journey.  Well, we are all on our own journey, but that takes guts!!  I admire women who finally feel confidence in who they are and the honest to goodness truth!  Sometimes we expect way too much want the weight to come off faster and in specific areas.  I think when you finally come to the truth of where you are and loving yourself where you are you can finally move forward.  When I was heavier I would look at my body and I would say I am not going to buy anything new until I lose weight.  Then I didn’t feel good, didn’t look good, and it demotivated me.  When I finally started appreciating me where I was at I dressed nicer, I did my hair, and makeup.  As silly as that sounds to other people it really helped.  I actually started losing weight and then that motivated me more to work out and eat healthier.  But then I tried not to beat myself up when I didn’t stick with the program perfectly, and that helped.  We as women need to give eachother more slack!

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