No more Magic Markered Eye Brows!

9 Apr

First You need to have a perfectly shaped Eye brow.  You can either go to a professional and have them waxed or threaded and then you can just upkeep them, or if you need to shape them first yourself there is a great simple way to do it yourself.  Watch the clip above its a fast way to tweeze and make your brows look natural.  Then most women need to fill your brows with a pencil and powder.  I would say about 85% of women need to fill in your brows.  When I take my make up off my mother asked me once if I had overtweezed 🙂 I told her “No this is the way my eyebrows look normally.”  She said “Wow I didn’t know they looked real 🙂 ”  We all know those women who draw in the eye brows and it looks like they took a magic marker and just made a crescent moon over their eye.  It never looks natural, you need to make sure you do short feathery strokes with a pencil and than if you go over it with a powder than it smooths out any extra harsh lines and it makes it look even more natural.  It also makes everything last longer if you use both a liner and a powder.  Hopefully this helps you have FABULOUS looking Brows!

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