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Messy Pony!

24 Aug

Man this would be the only reason to have long hair 🙂 I love that you can dress this up and down. You should look at the red carpet next time there were a ton!!! I LOVE this look and doing it on other people. SOOOO glamorous!! And both of these people I LOVE. Shari Kendall who is one or the reasons I am in Mary Kay and Robert Jones the man who has taught me all I know as a makeup artist!!! LOVE them both!!!

LOVE Jackets!!

25 May

So cute! I love this. I love fabuous jackets. One thing to just make an outfit sophisticated and classy. I love the first jacket and last one soooo cute and i want them both!!

Sadie & Dasie

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Ways to think about your attitude!

18 May

Oh I love this! So great Angela is awesome not just because we have the same name 🙂 Love her outlook on life!  Love that you shouldn’t give up, and Life is  a journey not a destination!


10 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up on trying to fulfill positive and meaningful hopes and dreams.
1.Because someone out there will appreciate what you do. Someone needs your talent or they will be blessed by what you give to the world. Someone needs your inspiration.
2. Because years after you are dead, some random people on the internet will find your work or remnants of your talent. They will say. “Wow, this is great. I want to learn more about this.” You always want to leave a good legacy for the future generations. Drop the crumbs of your talent as long as you live and because of technology they literally will never go away.
3. Because things just don’t happen overnight. You have to try, try, and try again. Be persistent.
4. Because giving up is for losers and losers don’t win. You are a winner, right?

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White in or out?

27 Apr

I wonder do you think white jeans are in or out for the fashion this year 🙂  I always heard that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor day, but I keep seeing it, and to be honest.  I LOVE it on a lot of people!  Haha, but just like some fashions I just don’t know if I can pull it off 🙂  Or mainly can only size 0, 2, and 4 wear it or can bigger sizes wear it. Thoughts.  I just wonder what most people think now adays!  Is it in or out!  And who can wear it.  Sometimes I think now that is how you pull of white.  Other times not so much LOL is that mean of me.  Help me out give me thoughts as to what you think is white a yay or nay color and if so when do you think we should wear it Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter

Sparkle your Eyes like the Celebrities!

30 Mar

Make your eyes sparkle like the celebrities do.  I love doing this little trick because it looks great in photos.  If you are getting married or doing any pictures I love doing this ALL the time.  Of course I do because I LOVE makeup so I do it all the time but if you want to only on special occasions you can do that too.  I think it makes a huge difference. When you highlight the inner corner of your eye it draws attention to that area.  The only time you might not want to highlight there is if you have wide set eyes.  because it kind of pushes your eyes apart a little visually.  You should for sure do this EVERY day if you have close set eyes.  Let mek now what you think try it a couple times and see if you or anyone else notices! 🙂  Happy Sparkling!

What’s up Girl!

23 Mar

How much do you love talking to your Girlfriends! I know I do, but sometimes I just can’t take 30min to an hour to chat. So a great friend Shari Kendall gave me a heads up on this awesome app. I love being able to hear a friends voice and then sometimes you can assume they are happy, mad, upset, but they really aren’t this way you hear their voice. And all the changes in their voices and you really know what they are talking about, and their mood which I LOVE! So let me know what you think and heytell me back if you want! 🙂 Gotta Love technology!

Fabulous Faces!

9 Mar

Ok I love these.  She looks so much younger!  You can’t see it in her before as much but she had a lot more age spots and uneven skin tone.  Find the right concealer and foundation and you will make them look so much younger and it will look natural.  Also remember coral lipsticks will make you look younger.  Also never highlight the brow bone with a deep set eye and don’t over darken your crease God already gave her one you don’t have to make it more apparent 🙂  And as we age you might want to stay away from the harsh black liners and do a gray or deep brown.  Always Always for deep set and hooded eyes CURL your lashes so important Click Here if you need help or need to know how.