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Pickling Perfection!!

17 May

How many of you love PICKLES!!  I know I know they say when you are pregnant ice cream and pickles, and to be honest I really did crave pickles and ice cream just not at the same time.  🙂  But for those of you who like sweet pickles YUUUUUCK!  Oh I don’t know how many thanksgivings I acidently grabbed one of those appetizer pickles thinking it was dill and it was a sweet pickle and every time NASTY!!  Oh so gross.  HAHA  anyway the reason this is on Thinking Thin Thusday is because pickles are very LOW calories and I could eat a whole jar and be stuffed but you aren’t actually going to gain weight!  It works great!!  Let me know if you use pickles as your losing weight help!  I believe that it works.

Encouraging the Masses

26 Apr

Ok so I totally agree with Bethany! I loved last years season and I know I think it is so sad that people aren’t willing to look at what they are doing poorly. There has to be some give and take. Watch what we are giving to our children! People watch what we are doing. Love this post Bethany 🙂

One Girl's Taste On Life

I’m not normally one to get on my soapbox and spout my beliefs for everyone to hear.  I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and I try to respect everyone’s point of view.  The fact that we are all different is what makes each of us special and unique.

That being said, I must pull out the soapbox and dust it off today.  I’m not sure how many of you watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC last year.  If you didn’t, you missed out.  Luckily, it’s on again this year targeting the LAUSD school system in Los Angeles.

LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) is the largest public school system in California and second largest public school system in America (NYC’s public school system being the first).  They are responsibly for molding, shaping, and most importantly feeding nearly 700,000 children in the LA area.

With that amount of…

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An Apple a Day!!

19 Apr

An apple a day keeps the pounds away!  Now this might not always be true if you eat all bad things every other time, but if you don’t want to watch or write down all the calories if you focus on eating healthier things a lot of times you will slowly eat more and more healthy items.  I find the more fruits and vegetables I eat the less other stuff I eat and that isn’t counting calories that is just something that naturally happens.  Now start with one thing and you can do more later.  In the winter I find I eat less of them because there aren’t as many in season, but I am back focusing on eating healthier and eating more vegetables.  I LOVE crisp fresh apples.  When I am craving a treat sometimes I just need something a little sweet and I find if I go too far in the sweets than it makes me crave more sweets.  I find if I do something a little sweet and especially something that has natural sweetness I don’t crave as much after.  Now don’t get me wrong anything chocolate and peanut butter is totally up my ally.  I just need to keep them as a sometimes sweet not an everyday or every minute sweet 🙂  HAHA which sometimes that is how often I want them.  Eat an apple stay healthy and strong

Looking thin in the mirror!

12 Apr

Ok as kind of a follow up to yesterdays post.  I wanted to talk about how when I was overweight I never wanted to buy nice clothes because I was going to do it “when I lost the weight”  What I realized was was that when I made myself look better on the outside I felt better on the inside.  I think that is one of the reasons that I love what I do.  I know it is silly and it shouldn’t be true that we as women feel better when we look better, but it is TRUE.  And when momma ain’t happy nobody’s happy.  I have had so many women after I do a makeover and especially the fact that I teach them how to have great skin care, and how to apply their makeup they come back to me and tell me how Great they felt afterwards.  I love that feeling especially when you can tell someone has lower self esteem and when after the appointment they have this smile from ear to ear.  Even when they call or email me and tell me how fabulous they felt and how many people (including their significant other) told them how beautiful they looked.  Now I won’t get into the fact that we should be complimenting our spouses anyway, but it just happens!  Anyway the purpose of this post is that when you make yourself feel happy or appreciate where you are at I think you can move to be better quicker.  Once I started to feel good about myself I appreciated where I have been and where I was going.  I could move forward and lose weight.  Anyway,  always remember that you shouldn’t “weight”  to feel good about yourself till after you lose weight or I personally don’t think you will keep it off.  Appreciate where you are and move through it or you will always have to worry about looking back or it coming back!

Egg Beaters

5 Apr

I always felt the fake eggs in a carton would taste horrible.  When I actually tried them I really enjoyed them.  My favorite is usually the southwestern style.  If you want the eggs by themselves the southwestern style gives a little more flavor.  I also really like adding hot sauce on top of the egg beaters, giive them a little kick!  One of my new favorites is adding a little bit of pesto on the egg beaters egg whites.  I know it adds a little bit more calories, but to make it a little different flavor it is fun to mix it up.  Eggs are a great opportunity to have some protein in your morning.  So overall I think it is a great way to start your way with protein to help your metabolism rev up for the day.

Blood Sugar “Stringing” OUT

29 Mar

Ok so when I started eating better and doing weight watchers I also started reading some health books.  One of them was Mastering your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels.  She is one of my favorites.  If you want help losing weight for sure I would read this.  I think it helps to know more info especially if you are struggling.  And one thing I love is you can pick and choose what you think you can do.  There is a lot of information.  But don’t feel like you have to do them all.  Pick what you can do.  One of the things that I know WORKS is eating smaller meals more often.  And making sure that you have some protein every couple of hours.  The hardest thing for me being a mom of 3 is there is no way I can make chicken or fish every 4 hours.  So one of the best hints was have rotisserie chicken already cooked and shredded that you can eat and put on a sandwich or have string cheese or hard boiled eggs already cooked and peeled.  I think that really helped me.

Chocolate PB Brownie

22 Mar

Ok so these are really good, but you do have to be careful about how many you eat in one day!  🙂 no joke  But You might know already how much I love chocolate and peanut butter together.  My all time favorite candy bar is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and Butterfinger but that got me into trouble so now I get the best of both worlds just no more than twice a day haha 🙂 LOL

Chew on it!

15 Mar

Ok so one of the things that got me through the main year of my weight loss journey was gum.  I know     that sounds funny but I had gum all over because sometimes you just are in the mood to chew!  but you don’t really need to eat anything so pop in a piece of gum it will save you from just munching on nothing.  So I usually had 2 to 3 types of gum on hand.  One was sweet, one minty, and usually Big Red!  My favorite sweet one is now the Mint chocolate chip Dessert Delights.  Than sometimes Juicy Fruit (doesn’t last as long)  And then I would say for mint sometimes winterfresh or double mint.  so if you haven’t tried any of these especially the Dessert Delights mint chocolate chip.  You definitely need to try that!

Pudding a Little Bit of Chocolate

8 Mar

So if I want to have a little bit of chocolate I really love the chocolate mousse pudding with a little bit of light whip cream.  It is super good.  Also the boston creme pie jello pudding is fabulous and you can even add a little bit of peanut butter in with it.  Really good if you like peanut butter and chocolate plus a little bit of something else has that creamy taste soooo good.  Anyway short and sweet but you gotta try it!

Weighing What Works!

2 Mar

I watched a video blog of Ronni she has a weight loss blog  Click Here and it made me start thinking I loved losing weight on weight watchers but sometimes recently I feel like I rebel just because I wanna! 🙂  And  after watching her video and then reading this article I really thought they went well together and even though its an extra blog post I wanted to share.  Click Here  Basically it had two studies where one group was told to eat whatever they want within reason of just all Healthy foods, and the other group was told to watch the proteins, carbohydrates, fiber on a healthy food list and the first one just trying to only eat healthy foods ended up eating more fiber and lost more weight and inches.  Anyway I just thought it was so interesting.  And sometimes we feel like we have to have someone tell us something to do, and sometimes I think we know what we need and what our body needs we just need to DO IT!! haha my motto to live by!  Anyway I hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think I would love to see what you think about her blog as well as the article very interesting!