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Help Hide those blemishes in seconds!

23 Apr

How many of you have problems with ugly blemishes.  I found out this amazing trick that Makeup Artists use to take the redness of a blemish away. Take red eye visine and put it on a Q-Tip rub it on the blemish and the redness goes away in a minute.  It is awesome!!  Best thing ever.  After you reduce the redness you can conceal as normal see one of my other blog posts about how to conceal it.  Love highly pigmented liquid concealers.  Check it out!

Hiding From Something?

19 Mar

Liquid concealers are the most moisturizing and  I think that means the best application.  If you choose a stick or jar concealer they are dryer and so they don’t look as natural.  Plus the dryer it is the more it will draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles.  The higher pigmentation in the concealer the better because you won’t have to use very much.  The more you use the more it settles in fine lines.  So be careful.  Also when concealing the most important part is to not put to much concealer make sure you only put it on the discoloration of skin.  Yellow or yellow undertone concealers will counteract reds, purples and browns.  Choose wisely on colors and formulas they make a HUGE Difference in application.  When you apply foundation after concealer make sure you stipple (lightly pat) over the concealed areas so you don’t wipe off everything you do!  If you need to conceal a blemish you do it after foundation but before you do that a little trick.  You can put a little visine before any of it and it will take redness out of the blemish!  It totally works!!