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Wheeling for Color?

26 Mar

How many are just so confused because of all the advertising out there?  Which colors should I use?  Am I warm or cool colors?  Do I wear blue with my blue eyes?  AAAAAghh!  I am going to help you figure it all out!  I know it is really confusing but the way you decide is based off of what you want the color to do.  Personally the reason I choose color is to pop my eye color not just be super bright.  So just as a preface you could use other colors but if you really want your eyes to POP you need to use colors opposite of the color wheel for your eye shadows.  If you have blue eyes you can only use a few 😦 but they look beautiful when you focus on your eye color not having them compete with your eye color.  Blue eyes coppers, browns, Golds will all look GORGEOUS!!  I have my all time favorite color that looks fabulous with EVERYONE.  It is a Golden Copper LOVE IT!!  Anyway haha 🙂  I will get off my soap box.  Green eyes you can use same colors but you can also wear burgandys and purples.  If you have brown eyes have a HUGE party because no colors will compete with your eye color so you can use whatever you want.  I love purples and blues but even a warm copper brown looks fabulous with your eyes.  Anyway, the easies way to see the colors I think is through Robert Jones you tube video clip.  It makes thinks so simple.  Also as for cool and warm colors that idea was made up in the 1980’s lets keep it there.  Everyone can benefit from warm colors they will ALWAYS make you look younger.  Very few people can actually wear cool colors and make them look fabulous.  If you look like snow white with natural Dark dark hair and really fair skin you can wear cool colors but most everyone else should stick with warm colors especially with your makeup.  I think more people for clothing can wear cooler colors but for makeup it is right by your face and Warmer I think is ALWAYS better.  Take a look at this video.  Sooooo Great!


Brighten up your look for Spring!

25 Mar

How many of you are just as excited about the bright new colors that are Hot for spring! Coral, Pink, Lime Green.  I got so excited about it that I did a youtube clip.  I love my new purses so HOOOOT!!  Love them.  But for some people a purse is to Bold so just do some jewelry or a top with a jacket.  Than it isn’t as WOW in your face.  So question is what are you going to do with your pop of color.  Do you like to POP with a purse, shirt, shoes, or jewelry let me know what your favorite way is?