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Help Hide those blemishes in seconds!

23 Apr

How many of you have problems with ugly blemishes.  I found out this amazing trick that Makeup Artists use to take the redness of a blemish away. Take red eye visine and put it on a Q-Tip rub it on the blemish and the redness goes away in a minute.  It is awesome!!  Best thing ever.  After you reduce the redness you can conceal as normal see one of my other blog posts about how to conceal it.  Love highly pigmented liquid concealers.  Check it out!

Perfect Pouty Lips!

16 Apr

I love fuller looking lips and I love using this little trick to make my lips look fuller.  It is super simple you apply your regular lip liner and lipstick and over that you put a little bit of concealer on the center of your lips.  I have seen some people use eye shadow for this.  I think it doesn’t look as natural I don’t want it to just sparkle I want it to have the illusion of a fuller lip not just look there is sparkle on my lips 🙂  But you can choose whatever you want, and see what you like the most.  Let me know if you like it.