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Gained it! Lose it the same way! One day at a TIME!

15 May

Ok so I read Andras Blog Love to Eat, Hate to Exercise!  I LOVE it.  She is fabulous and I really loved her post about How I did it!  I agree with basically everything.  She talks about the fact that you gain weight one day at a time so you can’t lose it just by doing or using one magical thing or pill or powder.  I so agree I tried to exercise, but that was not the way I lost most of my weight it made me look better, but the scale didn’t change much.  I joined weight watchers and watched what I ate.  I thought it worked great, but I also think that counting calories just writing it down in a journal could work too.  You just need some responsibility for what you are doing.  The one thing I can’t really agree on is the juicer part.  I have wanted to get one, and I really think I might after reading her blog.  I do agree focusing on eating more vegetables and fruits is a really smart idea and sometimes you just don’t have the time to eat as many as you should so I think juicing could be one of the ways to do it.  I have learned to love more vegetables than I used to, and they do make you feel fuller.  But like Andras Blog I believe you need to do many things, and you can’t expect everything to just fall off us all at once.  I also think that you have to start with the little things.  Start with changing one thing and than with another.  I know we all make New Year’s Resolutions and I truly believe that the reason so many of us don’t do them is we are trying to change everything in our life that we thing isn’t perfect.  When I think that we would be better off doing one thing each month.  Try to change things little by little.  Check out her Blog she looks Great.  And I love to read her posts.

Transformation Tuesday

13 Mar

Ok so midway through my weight loss journey I found Ronis blog.  I loved being able to see someone was going through what I did.  Because I was doing weight watchers it also helped because the problems or questions I had related directly to that program since that is how she lost her weight.  I also LOVE that she would do clips on how to make food recipes.  I tried quite a few and she inspired me to make my own healthier recipes.  Also to realize if you add flavor with non fattening things use herbs and veggies that have great flavor you don’t feel like you are eating “Diet” food!  She really is soooo cool, and I still continue to check it out.  To see how she is continuing on her journey because I think that is the Hardest part of your journey.  Ok so you worked really hard to get it off Now how do you you continue to keep making healthy choices!  One of her posts I really enjoyed because I like to know everyone isn’t perfect and that I am not the only one that finds it harder at times then others 🙂