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Eyeliner? Dos and don’ts!!

10 Sep

Ok there are a lot of people that wonder how to do the perfect eyeliner.  Do you line the top or bottom?  Do you only line the bottom.  Do you line half way?  What are the Do’s and Don’ts.  Ok so I was watch So You Think You Can Dance!  I know some of you might love it some of you might hate it, but I always find interest in how they do makeup.  And one of the girls was supposed to look kind of older and tired.  And this is what made me start thinking about this post in the first place.  So depending on the size of your eyes you don’t want to much eyeliner like the first one.  You can always do eyeliner on just the top line, but you might not want to do the winged eye if your eye naturally droops it is hard to get the right winged eye look.  If you do the top great!!  But you should NEVER just do the bottome!!  That is a no no it makes you look old and tired and that is EXACTLY how this dancers makeup was and I just had to laugh and thus do this post!! 🙂  And ladies don’t just go halfway it just looks like you forgot to go the rest of the way.  I think it just looks so ridiculous.  You can always do thicker on the outer edge and get thinner as you come into the inner eye, but smudge the line make sure some of the color goes in eyeliner is supposed to be where your lashes come out to make them look thicker and more enhanced but if you do to think of a line or go halfway or only do your bottom lash it can look bad all the way around!!  Also PS if you try to google or search for pictures

of people wearing eyeliner halfway on the bottom line or eyeliner only on the bottome lash line.  They are like non existant.  It was hard to find these two.  So if most people don’t do it and especially celebrities and makeup artists.  It is probably a good idea not to do it.  JUST a THOUGHT!!  🙂  Happy Makeup Monday!!


Droopy Eyes

21 May

We can always tweek our makeup to make things appear a little differently.  For the next couple of weeks I am going to do a series of how you should change your makeup based off your eye shape.  If you have a droopy eye the corner of your eye turns down a little bit.  Some people might want to raise it a little bit.  When you do your midtone and you do your accent you don’t want to pull it down you want to raise it a bit.  Normally you don’t want to pull color any farther than diagonal from the corner of your eye to the tip of your eyebrow, but especially with a droopy eye you want to lift it a little bit higher.  You also want to leave a little space in between your eye liner of the top and bottom lid.  If you connect them than you drag your eye down ward again.  If you do this you will be amazed at what a little change of where you are placing you color can affect how lifted your eyes look after!  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Deep, close, prominent, wide set eyes are all Yet to come 🙂