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Nominated for an awesome BLOG Award!!

26 Nov

One Lovely Blog Award

When you are nominated for this award, you have to

a. thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog  Click Here

b. add the logo to your post

c. Include the rules in your post

d. tell others seven random things about yourself; and

e. nominate 15 other bloggers for the award (you don’t have to write about each one like I did here, you can just list them)

f. let them know they’ve been nominated by a comment

7 Random Things About me!!

I think this is one of my favorite things about the blog award.  It is sooo much fun to learn strange things about people 🙂  Makes me feel like I know them better 🙂

1.  I am currently pregnant and am finding out the sex NEXT WEEK!!

2.  When I was a Junior in High School I bulldozed 20 cows It was like I was bowling in my car 😦 only killed one Messed up my bag in the process.

3.  I was a cheerleader Shot putter (field event in track and field)

4.  I LOVE Spicy food!!

5.  I have earned one free car in Mary Kay

6.  I love doing Bridal Makeup

7.  I LOVE to sing!!  (and have passed that on to my daughter 🙂 )

15 Nominees!!

1. Sadie and Dasie Such great posts And a lot about everything.  Recipes, beautiful photos, Home Decor, Etc..

2. Beauty Today Blog  Of course I LOVE makeup and I love to see everything new that is out there. Love

3. Mamacravings Love this blog.  A mom just sharing things she loves and her family!!  Great posts and fun to read!

4.  Catie’s Chaos  Such a cute woman with such cute kids love the pics and the intro of her fam!!

5.  A utah Moms life     Probably because I am a mom I love mom blogs, and suggestions and thoughts about family are always great!!  🙂

6.  1 mommy 2 monsters  One of my favorites is her header 🙂  so cute and such a cute blog name, but does some fun giveaways!  And kudos to all single mommys I can’t believe how hard that is!!

7.  over my styled body  How much do I love clothes and shoes!!  Gotta love this blog and I love getting inspired to try new things!!  Much love

8.  Jordyn’s Journey  I helped with a fundraiser for this beautiful girl.  Jordyn was so sweet and I want to open the awareness of families going through this.  I truly believe we all need to help and send good thoughts to all families that have to deal with this horrible disease!!

9.  Jen Clyde Stylist  I love the styles and fashions.  Sooo love to look at what other peoples ideas of fashion are and to help pick and choose to make them work for me 🙂  Love it!

10.  utah fashion blog  Like I said I love Fashion 🙂  and I got a kick out of her trying the red lipstick she hasn’t posted in awhile but thats ok 🙂

11.  Stephanies wreck the Dress  House of winter  I LOVE the photography and the fashion the last post on the wedding dress is beautiful!

12.  matt-ali-isley  Fun family and kid blog!!  She is beautiful!! 🙂 and they make a beautiful family!

13.  blushing basics  fun makeup tricks and ideas 🙂 she has a bunch of tutorials reminds me I need to do more  Great job Kristie!

14.  Hello Miss Nikki  Great fun makeup blog.  Nikki is fun seems to LOVE color and it is just a fun read 🙂

15.  Peekaboo Photoos blog  How much do I love baby photos and looking at them.  I think that is why I love this blog just found it, but LOVE it!  🙂  Maybe because I am expecting but they have some BEAUTIFUL photos!! 🙂


Congrats to all of you I hope you enjoy finding your fav blogs to give this award to as well 🙂  Congrats and enjoy thanks again Angela Sheila 🙂

White in or out?

27 Apr

I wonder do you think white jeans are in or out for the fashion this year 🙂  I always heard that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor day, but I keep seeing it, and to be honest.  I LOVE it on a lot of people!  Haha, but just like some fashions I just don’t know if I can pull it off 🙂  Or mainly can only size 0, 2, and 4 wear it or can bigger sizes wear it. Thoughts.  I just wonder what most people think now adays!  Is it in or out!  And who can wear it.  Sometimes I think now that is how you pull of white.  Other times not so much LOL is that mean of me.  Help me out give me thoughts as to what you think is white a yay or nay color and if so when do you think we should wear it Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter

Worst Ways to Age yourself!!

11 Apr

 Ok so maybe not the WORST thing but DEFINITELY the worst way with fashion! How many of you are in the wrong or have seen it happen. One of the ways that will make you look 10 to 20 years older is Staying in the decade you think you looked the best!! 🙂 Don’t be mad so sorry if I am going to make you upset. If you haven’t had a compliment on your hair in the last two weeks CUT it, Dye it, or Buy some more of it!! 🙂 Lol! Hair ages you so fast. If you have a ratted hair nest on top of your head and you can see the air in between it. That is TOO RATTED!! 🙂 Now don’t get me wrong I do tease my hair but you aren’t supposed to see the ratted part. Give your hair some lift or volume, but don’t make it look TOO big. Don’t have platinum hair even if you think that is the color of your natural hair color or it “used” to be it isn’t anymore it probably has some gray. I think making your hair a warm brown or red makes you look so young. You lose pigment in skin, hair, lips, etc… That is why you want to warm everything up. Warm hair, warm cheeks (coral), warm lips (coral or warm pink), warm foundation (most women not all). Also what’s up with the MOM JEANS!! Ugh! One of the WORST offenses! Get a modern cut not low rise but midrise. It will only make you look thinner because it will it you in the middle of the belly and not bulge out under the waist to make you look PREGNANT!! haha ok did you notice I went on a rant today 🙂 I probably will every once in awhile but really I promise get something a little modern, but don’t go completely the other direction and try to be too young that doesn’t work either. Don’t wear the worded Tees that are too tight and usually too short. Get a straight leg pant with dark denim it is ALWAYS more slimming! And a fitted top, not tight 🙂 there is a difference. If I didn’t LOVE my job I might be a shopping assistant and dress people!! How much fun would that be!

Rack ’em & Stack ’em

6 Apr

Love this post just had to share!!  You are fabulous Noelle!  LOVE it!  I need to get more bangles to stack!!  Love the look 🙂

Sparkle your Eyes like the Celebrities!

30 Mar

Make your eyes sparkle like the celebrities do.  I love doing this little trick because it looks great in photos.  If you are getting married or doing any pictures I love doing this ALL the time.  Of course I do because I LOVE makeup so I do it all the time but if you want to only on special occasions you can do that too.  I think it makes a huge difference. When you highlight the inner corner of your eye it draws attention to that area.  The only time you might not want to highlight there is if you have wide set eyes.  because it kind of pushes your eyes apart a little visually.  You should for sure do this EVERY day if you have close set eyes.  Let mek now what you think try it a couple times and see if you or anyone else notices! 🙂  Happy Sparkling!

Brighten up your look for Spring!

25 Mar

How many of you are just as excited about the bright new colors that are Hot for spring! Coral, Pink, Lime Green.  I got so excited about it that I did a youtube clip.  I love my new purses so HOOOOT!!  Love them.  But for some people a purse is to Bold so just do some jewelry or a top with a jacket.  Than it isn’t as WOW in your face.  So question is what are you going to do with your pop of color.  Do you like to POP with a purse, shirt, shoes, or jewelry let me know what your favorite way is?

Rockin Rainbow Brite!

10 Mar

Ok so I love clothes and fashion in this blog its not really my focus but I have always loved hats, but I never felt like I could pull it off.  Sometimes with short hair I feel like it cuts your hair almost at the bottom so it like pokes out funny.  What do you think.  I have always love the looks.  Including this one so cute but not sure I could pull it off click HERE  What do you think?  I wish I could just every time I try it never seems to look right and I never buy them.  I am also excited for spring for all the really colorful and bright colors.  I think bright colors make you look more youthful.  haha don’t look like rainbow bright though.  I don’t think that is a good look 🙂  But how many of you love skinny bright colored jeans I see people wearing them all the time.  I still am not super skinny 8-10 depending on what brand.  So my past overweight self would say I so couldn’t pull it off.  But I think it is so adorable I just don’t like the big on top skinny on bottom.  I feel like it can make you look bigger.  So what I end up resorting too is popping color with accessories.  Jewelry I have recently learned layering your jewelry I learned that on  my cruise to Mexico so much fun.  Anyway let me know what you think 🙂