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Beauty Blender!!

20 Aug

Ok so I love this I have used a lot of tools to put on my makeup; foundation brushes, sponges, hands, and the beauty blender.  I have gone back and forth using different ones through the years.  I absolutely love almost all except my hands I would always touch my clothes and make a big mess 🙂  But recently I switched back to the beauty blender and I do LOVE it I think the foundation brush was a little heavier application I usually do two lighter layers so I actually get it done faster because you can use the fatter end and put it on more surface.  I really do LOVE it and I love this cute little you tube clip!!  Let me know what you think!

Sparkle your Eyes like the Celebrities!

30 Mar

Make your eyes sparkle like the celebrities do.  I love doing this little trick because it looks great in photos.  If you are getting married or doing any pictures I love doing this ALL the time.  Of course I do because I LOVE makeup so I do it all the time but if you want to only on special occasions you can do that too.  I think it makes a huge difference. When you highlight the inner corner of your eye it draws attention to that area.  The only time you might not want to highlight there is if you have wide set eyes.  because it kind of pushes your eyes apart a little visually.  You should for sure do this EVERY day if you have close set eyes.  Let mek now what you think try it a couple times and see if you or anyone else notices! 🙂  Happy Sparkling!