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Instant Eyelift!?

27 Feb

Would you like to have an instant Eye lift.  We all should it will make us look younger!  Our eyes are where we show the first sign of aging!  If you don’t where a lot of make up or if you do this is a must  for all women and of all ages!  Are you ready….. You need to curl them.  If you aren’t you are CRAZY!!!  I don’t care how dark or curled your lashes already are you still need to curl them.  It also matters HOW you curl your lashes.  You don’t just curl it once you have to curl it multiple times.  Atleast 3 times.  I found a great clip that is already out there.  She does a really good job to share how to do it quick and easy!  🙂  She did a really great job.  You guys need to remember crimp curl before mascara never after.  If you want to curl after mascara you need to get a heated eye lash curler!!  Soooooo Fabulous!  I wasn’t the best at first with the heated eye lash curler but you have to practice heated eye lash curler seems to seperate better than you ever could with anything else, but DON’T  heat a crimp curler with your BLOW DRYER that is such a no no and you can burn your eyes NO GOOD!  Also using false eyelashes will just enhance what you do.  I will do a clip later on how to do false lashes, but check out this photography with false eye lashes.  So great!  Click Here

Here is the link on how to curl your lashes.  I hope you enjoy!