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Makeovers for a GREAT Cause!

1 May

Ok So I haven’t really brought it up or pushed it, but I would LOVE to have any of your help.  Let me know especially if you are in Utah, but even if you aren’t we could even do a Skype party and I could send you samples and you could try it and do quick makeovers.  There is no obligation to purchase anything, and we can do as quick as you want.  I have been trained by international makeup artist Robert Jones.  I LOVE teaching what I have learned from him!  It is all about trying to help and have the most entered into this contest and try to win the $5,000 donation check for “The Center for Women and Children in Crisis”  Such a great shelter.  We went and did makeovers on the ladies a couple weeks ago and it was so Awesome!  It made me feel so good, and makes me want to help them even more!  You can call, text, or email if you are willing to help   801-792-0394,   angelaL@marykay.com   Much love to you all!!

Help Hide those blemishes in seconds!

23 Apr

How many of you have problems with ugly blemishes.  I found out this amazing trick that Makeup Artists use to take the redness of a blemish away. Take red eye visine and put it on a Q-Tip rub it on the blemish and the redness goes away in a minute.  It is awesome!!  Best thing ever.  After you reduce the redness you can conceal as normal see one of my other blog posts about how to conceal it.  Love highly pigmented liquid concealers.  Check it out!

Fabulous Faces!

9 Mar

Ok I love these.  She looks so much younger!  You can’t see it in her before as much but she had a lot more age spots and uneven skin tone.  Find the right concealer and foundation and you will make them look so much younger and it will look natural.  Also remember coral lipsticks will make you look younger.  Also never highlight the brow bone with a deep set eye and don’t over darken your crease God already gave her one you don’t have to make it more apparent 🙂  And as we age you might want to stay away from the harsh black liners and do a gray or deep brown.  Always Always for deep set and hooded eyes CURL your lashes so important Click Here if you need help or need to know how.