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Messy Pony!

24 Aug

Man this would be the only reason to have long hair ūüôā I love that you can dress this up and down. You should look at the red carpet next time there were a ton!!! I LOVE this look and doing it on other people. SOOOO glamorous!! And both of these people I LOVE. Shari Kendall who is one or the reasons I am in Mary Kay and Robert Jones the man who has taught me all I know as a makeup artist!!! LOVE them both!!!

Help Hide those blemishes in seconds!

23 Apr

How many of you have problems with ugly blemishes.  I found out this amazing trick that Makeup Artists use to take the redness of a blemish away. Take red eye visine and put it on a Q-Tip rub it on the blemish and the redness goes away in a minute.  It is awesome!!  Best thing ever.  After you reduce the redness you can conceal as normal see one of my other blog posts about how to conceal it.  Love highly pigmented liquid concealers.  Check it out!

Apple Popping!

2 Apr

Apple Popping is a phrase some makeup artists use to refer to a way you pop your cheeks with blush.¬† I love this application technique it is my favorite way to apply cheek color.¬† Find a bright coral or pink color and apply the color just to the apples of your cheek and you can brush backwards a little.¬† I personally like to do my bronzer first and then to the pop of color after.¬†¬†I love how it contours and then adds a more youthful glow.¬† I love the finished look.¬† Take a look at my youtube clip it shows right where the application of everything should go.¬† The Bronzer goes right in the hollow of your cheek and you can even apply it to the sides of your face and on the side of your nose if you want to have your face look thinner.¬† The cheek color goes right on the apple of your cheeks.¬† My favorite color if you haven’t caught on through my post about purses or bright colors¬†ūüôā It is the new Fabulous color for spring or I think forever, but ask me next season.


Me and Robert Jones

25 Feb

Me and Robert Jones

Today I am at a fabulous color workshop with makeup artist Robert Jones. He is so fabulous such a great person and he knows his stuff! Cant wait to share makeup trends, eye shapes, colors warm verse cool. etc