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Get out of a color RUT!!

25 Feb

Ok so I do agree that we get in a rut.  Some of us wear what we used to in high school for years and years.  Some of us wear what we did when we thought we looked the best in college.  Some people wear what they were told they should like cool colors or warm colors or autumn, spring, summer, winter colors.  🙂 haha I found a little snip of 5 easy steps to get out of a make up rut.  I agree with most of the steps 1. and 5 are the ones I have the most problem with just because many people with their skin tone those colors won’t look good on them.  For example orange and pale blue and pink.  So before you grab a new color odds are warm colors will look better they make you look younger.  Try a new warm copper color for eye shadow.  Or a warm neutral or coral lip color instead of ashy try warmer colors for your best bet.  But check out the article.


Interesting and worth checking out!