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Water your Wrinkles!

16 May

Ok so you can’t totally get rid of wrinkles with water.  But remembering to drink water is sooooo important with helping with good skin care.  I read a couple of articles about how it helps. Click Here  Water nourishes and hydrates the body and the skin. Hydrated  skin looks more radiant and younger because water plumps up every cell in the  skin and body.  Dehydration is the main cause of dry skin and like I have said before dry skin is one of the biggest reasons for aging.  Making sure your skin is properly moisturized.  It makes the world of difference.  Make sure you drink enough 🙂  Find your water and hydrate.


3 Mar

My two interests and focuses of my blog coorelate in this article.  It is so interesting reading about how exercise and working out can help your skin.  I totally understand why when I work out I seem to have better skin.  Although I have noticed I still need to drink a lot of water and have a fabulous skin care regimine.  You should totally check this out.  Now you have one more reason why you should try to add exercise to your daily habits! Click Here

Transformational Tuesday!!

28 Feb

Ok so with my journey of losing weight I have found it is a struggle, but what is inspirational is always finding people that have an aha moment or that have a hard day or week but they choose right anyway.  I love hearing other peoples stories and don’t always love talking about myself so I am starting Transformational tuesday where I feature women who I think have changed their mind set and also their body!!  So I found Jennifers Blog and I love it!!  Inspirational 🙂


Jennifer is so awesome.  She has lost a bunch of weight but is still on the journey and you just have to keep going!!  Gotta love it!