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Pudding a Little Bit of Chocolate

8 Mar

So if I want to have a little bit of chocolate I really love the chocolate mousse pudding with a little bit of light whip cream.  It is super good.  Also the boston creme pie jello pudding is fabulous and you can even add a little bit of peanut butter in with it.  Really good if you like peanut butter and chocolate plus a little bit of something else has that creamy taste soooo good.  Anyway short and sweet but you gotta try it!

Weighing What Works!

2 Mar

I watched a video blog of Ronni she has a weight loss blog  Click Here and it made me start thinking I loved losing weight on weight watchers but sometimes recently I feel like I rebel just because I wanna! 🙂  And  after watching her video and then reading this article I really thought they went well together and even though its an extra blog post I wanted to share.  Click Here  Basically it had two studies where one group was told to eat whatever they want within reason of just all Healthy foods, and the other group was told to watch the proteins, carbohydrates, fiber on a healthy food list and the first one just trying to only eat healthy foods ended up eating more fiber and lost more weight and inches.  Anyway I just thought it was so interesting.  And sometimes we feel like we have to have someone tell us something to do, and sometimes I think we know what we need and what our body needs we just need to DO IT!! haha my motto to live by!  Anyway I hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think I would love to see what you think about her blog as well as the article very interesting!

Frozen Yogurt

1 Mar

Sometimes when you just want a treat it is hard to find something that will treat that sweet tooth but I have found a couple of remedies.  and hopefully some of them might help you.  So I have heard about Yoplait yogurts boston creme pie, red velvet cake, black forest cake and had been wanting to try them but when I had a helpful hint from my sister to try to freeze yogurt thats when I decided to try them, but frozen.  I LOVE them.  They are my new favorite.  Just creamy enough that they remind you of ice cream but also I think the flavors make it even better when I have them unfrozen