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Transformation in the City

17 Apr

Ok so I just found Theodora’s blog and I think she is so fun to read about!  I love NYC.  Being from the East coast myself sometimes I miss it.  Although I do love the mountains.  I miss the East Coast in the fall with all the leaves changing 🙂  I really wanted to try to run a couple races this summer.  I am considering getting pregnant around that time as well so I think that is an excuse and I would love to start doing something new again because I really want to get back to goal again.  So I have started up spinning again.  Which I forgot how much I love, and I am thinking about running as well.  I think I need to get some new shoes.  So if you have any ideas feel free to let me know.  My husband is thinking about getting those toe shoes.  Personally I think I want more padding not less padding.  I know some people swear buy it, but not sure if one of those people would be me.  Especially since I am not a lover of running already.  Anyway, thoughts would be appreciated.  Put your favorite type or brand of running shoe in the comments 🙂  Anyway, Theodora lost over 50lbs and now she runs and does tons of races.  I love this blog post it talks about respecting each race and each distance and I think that is really neat.  Click Here  anyway, hope you love it as much as I do.  Let me know what your favorite new fitness activity.

Transformation Tuesday

13 Mar

Ok so midway through my weight loss journey I found Ronis blog.  I loved being able to see someone was going through what I did.  Because I was doing weight watchers it also helped because the problems or questions I had related directly to that program since that is how she lost her weight.  I also LOVE that she would do clips on how to make food recipes.  I tried quite a few and she inspired me to make my own healthier recipes.  Also to realize if you add flavor with non fattening things use herbs and veggies that have great flavor you don’t feel like you are eating “Diet” food!  She really is soooo cool, and I still continue to check it out.  To see how she is continuing on her journey because I think that is the Hardest part of your journey.  Ok so you worked really hard to get it off Now how do you you continue to keep making healthy choices!  One of her posts I really enjoyed because I like to know everyone isn’t perfect and that I am not the only one that finds it harder at times then others 🙂


Weighing What Works!

2 Mar

I watched a video blog of Ronni she has a weight loss blog  Click Here and it made me start thinking I loved losing weight on weight watchers but sometimes recently I feel like I rebel just because I wanna! 🙂  And  after watching her video and then reading this article I really thought they went well together and even though its an extra blog post I wanted to share.  Click Here  Basically it had two studies where one group was told to eat whatever they want within reason of just all Healthy foods, and the other group was told to watch the proteins, carbohydrates, fiber on a healthy food list and the first one just trying to only eat healthy foods ended up eating more fiber and lost more weight and inches.  Anyway I just thought it was so interesting.  And sometimes we feel like we have to have someone tell us something to do, and sometimes I think we know what we need and what our body needs we just need to DO IT!! haha my motto to live by!  Anyway I hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think I would love to see what you think about her blog as well as the article very interesting!