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Fabulous Faces!

9 Mar

Ok I love these.  She looks so much younger!  You can’t see it in her before as much but she had a lot more age spots and uneven skin tone.  Find the right concealer and foundation and you will make them look so much younger and it will look natural.  Also remember coral lipsticks will make you look younger.  Also never highlight the brow bone with a deep set eye and don’t over darken your crease God already gave her one you don’t have to make it more apparent 🙂  And as we age you might want to stay away from the harsh black liners and do a gray or deep brown.  Always Always for deep set and hooded eyes CURL your lashes so important Click Here if you need help or need to know how.

Who doesn’t love Before and Afters!!

2 Mar

I love looking at before and afters!  Cami thank you so much for being my first oficial Fabulous Face!  I did all of her makeup so I am sure I am biased, but I loved how it turned out.  Remember that the colors you choose and the way you apply should compliment your own features.  You don’t have to follow all the trends do what will look best for your features!!  Also remember your brows frame your eyes 70-80% of women need to add color to their brows.  Look at how awesome her eyes look.  FABULOUS!!  She also has a birth mark on her right cheek that I will be showing off her before and afters of that when I talk about concealing 🙂  Stay Tuned!