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Turkey Gobble?

25 Apr

Have you ever been to the Amusement park and been by the booth that guesses your age?  Usually on a women one of the main ways someone can guess a woman’s age is by looking at your neck and hands.  Do you have a turkey gobble?  If you do get a scarf and hide it 🙂 haha actually you need to make sure you moisturize, lighten age spots, wear spf, and exfoliate.  All the things I have talked about in other War on Wrinkle posts you need to make sure you do it all to your neck and declotee area.  Make sure you do your skin care to your bra line foundation to your jaw line 🙂  You always want to make sure you don’t end up with the younger looking face and older neck.  I do not want to end up with a turkey gobble.  So I will make sure I always do my skin care antiaging on my face, neck and hands.  If you ever have extra moisturizer or anti-aging products put the excess down your neck than on to your hands and arms.  Some people tell me that they wipe it on a towel or wash it off  AAAGH!  Why on earth would you waste perfectly good products.  You paid good money for that.  🙂  Remember take good care of your skin!  Don’t end up with a Turkey Gobble!!

Preparing for Perfection!

5 Mar

If you want your face to look flawless when you apply your make up you have to Prepare your skin.  If you are an artist you wouldn’t paint without a great canvas and great brushes.  Today I want to focus on your face as your canvas!  If you don’t prepare your skin before make up it won’t look as natural.  You need to make sure you even out the porosity of your skin.  The 5 most important things you need to do to your skin every morning and every night is Cleanse, Exfoliate, Freshen (Tone), Moisturize, and Protect.  Cleansing your skin with a great cleanser made specifically for your skin type is super important.  You also need to exfoliate with a mask or a cleanser that has beads in it.  Then freshen or tone your skin this balances out your PH level in your skin making sure it isn’t to alkaline or to acidic.  Click Here  Than you need to make sure you moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  Ths helps with the porosity in your skin it helps with evening your skin.  Then you need to finish off your skin with protecting it you need atleast spf 30 but you also need to wear foundation.  Now I know some of you think you don’t want to clog your pores and that is why you need to use a product that is non-comedogenic.  You can also use a primer before your foundation!  I will be talking about that next week!  Didn’t use it for a long time started about a year ago and can’t stop!!  LOVE IT!  and LOVE FLAWLESS SKIN!!

“Eye”Delizing Your Eyes!

29 Feb

Your eyes are the first place that we show aging.  So one of the first things that we need to make sure is that we have a Fabulous eye cream!  One of the main things about aging is hydration.  If your skin isn’t hydrated watch the wrinkles appear.  So,  number one in an eye cream is make sure that it is very hydrating.  I know that for me you should probably start using an eye cream once you graduate high school.  I KNOW I KNOW  crazy but true.  I thought I was super young and I was and then I was walking down the mall one day and one of the kiosk ladies asked me do you want to know how you can get rid of those eye wrinkles and I was APPAULED  I do not have eye wrinkles.  But I went home and sure enough they had crept up on me.  The sad part is I had a FABULOUS eye cream in my make up bag I just wasn’t consistently using it.  So moral of the story start using it so you don’t have to worry about them coming for years.  Great thing though they dissappeared so even better news people you can reverse the hands of father time!!  A great eye cream can have vitamin c, collagen producing peptides.  You can also look for an eye cream that brightens to help if you have light circles.

Anti-Aging Eye Creams For Wrinkles

  • Wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area are always associated with aging;  ingredients in anti-aging eye creams such as caffeine, alcohol, retinol,  alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), copper peptides and vitamin C are used to tighten  skin and stimulate collagen growth. Collagen gives skin elasticity and  hydration, giving it a more youthful look

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